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"You deserve to feel empowered & well informed through the process of birthing your baby, however your birthing journey unfolds"

Kia Ora, I am Gemma. I have been a registered midwife for 10 years and have always been passionate about midwifery and all things mums, bubs and new families. Growing up in the country, as a preschooler my 'baby' came everywhere with me, even on the motorbike. When at university studying psychology, I kept being drawn to learning about childbirth, prompting me to change paths and study midwifery. It's a privilege to be a part of a couple’s journey’s as they grow their whānau. 

Over the years of being a midwife I have worked as a LMC (lead maternity carer) and a core midwife in both a secondary hospital and primary birthing units. I have also worked in an educational role with student midwives and have been teaching antenatal education since 2018.


My interest in hypnobirthing was ignited early in my career when a first time Mum I was caring for used hypnobirthing techniques during her labour. She was so calm and confident in her body and the birthing process. She birthed beautifully. Since then I have cared for more and more women using hypnobirthing techniques and was always so amazed at how empowered those birthing women and their birthing partners were.

To train and become a hypnobirthing practitioner went on my bucket list and years later I enrolled in a practitioners’ course. In 2020 Empowered Birthing was born and I have now combined hypnobirthing and general antenatal education to create this Empowered Birthing course. My midwifery knowledge and experience compliments this work and I'm passionate about educating women and their partners about pregnancy, labour and birth. 


In 2023 my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world and together we were able to use the skills & techniques that I teach in these classes, during our own empowering experience.  

I am excited to be able to equip women and their birthing partners the skills of hypnobirthing along with general antenatal education, to ensure more women and their birthing partners go into the birthing process feeling empowered. I look forward to meeting you.

Gem xx  

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